Mono Canvas Cles

  1. You guys with the MC cles..... do you switch your keys from that one often? Do you find that the MC cles goes with all your bags?
  2. I don't have a Mono Cles, but I would figure that it would go with all bags...

    Also, we on the forum mainly use the acronym "MC" for [Monogram] Multicolore. For Monogram Canvas, we usually just use "Mono" or "Mono Canvas" for short. ;)
  3. Oh... sorry..... I am pretty new to the forum and don't know the lingo yet. I will get up to speed. By the way..... I love this forum! It validates my shopoholic tendencies.
  4. I also agree that the mono canvas goes with everything.
  5. Good.... because I would find it a pain in the butt to always change my keyholders.
  6. I agree! :yes:
  7. funny I totally forgot about my mono cles until now. I have been using my pomme cles since I got it in feb... I think i'll take out my mono one and use it for my ipod :biggrin: I can hang it from my bag :biggrin:

    Otherwise, No i havent switched them out just because I havent gotten tired really of my pomme cles.
  8. I have one but since I got the mono 6 key holder, its been sitting in my closet ( but I do use it for bills and a credit card when I need something small to fit in my pochette during nights out). The 6 key holder seems more practical for keys IMO.
  9. i think that the mono cles looks good with everything, but i switch cles depending on my mood and the weather...i decided to retire my mc cles and azur cles for the season, and pull out the pomme and damier.
  10. Yup the mono cles will go with everything! It's the cles I use the most since I just got one. It seems to fit the most out of the Multicolored cles, and vernis cles
  11. I have one and just love it! It matches everything :smile:
  12. Sure, mono goes with everything!