Mono Cabas Piano Being Discontinued?

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  1. I read somewhere on the board that the Cabas Piano and Cabas Mezzo are being discontinued. Is this true? Does anyone know when this will happen?
  2. i heard that too, several times, but i dont know if it's true...
  3. I heard this awhile back actually (like a year and a half ago?). I don't think it's true.
  4. I'd be surprised if it was true they seem to be very popular
  5. I purchased the cabas piano back in 2001 and it got so yucky on the bottom (it was the mono) that I used it for less than a year. I wasn't very careful with it as I would be now but It doesn't even surprise me that it would be discontinued. To replace the vachetta I was quoted somewhere around $700.00. They really should have changed the bottom of that bag. Just my 2 cents.
  6. I guess you could say the same thing about the Lockit and Alma since they both have vachetta bottoms. But, I don't really think it's that difficult to keep vachetta bottoms clean as long as individuals do not put the purses down on the floor or on a wet surface (like in a restroom).
  7. I hope not. I still have'nt got my Cabas Mezzo yet.
  8. Thats very true. I had a Noe for years and kept it very nice after my ordeal with the Piano. It was the cost to replace the bottom that was shocking. For the price I was quoted, you could almost buy a new bag.

  9. Have you tried cleaning the vachetta? There is a thread about magic eraser and how good it works with vachetta I think.
  10. No I never did try cleaning it. I ended up selling it about a year ago. Had I knew then what I know now I would have given it a shot but it was pretty bad. After the first large water stain I sort of gave up on it and didn't take good care of it. Live and learn I guess. Thanks for the tip though!!
  11. I don't think that they are going to discontinue bags that sell frequently!
  12. Maybe they will discontinue them since the new Palermo MM and GM are coming out which might take the place of these and they're similar in price.
  13. Wow, the Cabas Piano and Mezzos are staples IMO! I love my CP and did have great luck cleaning the bottom with Magic Eraser (Mr. Clean). I'm so careful with her but I did get a few dirt/water spots on the bottom when I set her on the ground at a garden party last spring sans napkin. I know, it was dumb.

    In fact, my beloved CP is in my avatar! :yahoo:
  14. exactly.
    both will be discontinued because of the new bags.