Mono Cabas Mezzo or Vernis Brentwood?

  1. It would just be for an everyday bag. Is vernis pretty durable? What do you guys think? Thanks!
  2. Eek, I have and love both....but I think if you're going to have an everyday bag, I'd go with the Mezzo. The Vernis is tough and does hold up well, but may not match everything...with the Mono, you don't have to worry about it not matching certain outfits. And also, there's more room in the Mezzo.
  3. I agree with Rebecca - go for the Mezzo!
  4. If your looking for a durable everyday bag then I'd go for the CABAS MEZZO as well. :tup:
  5. another cabas mezzo vote here! It's a perfect evryday bag IMO.
  6. Definitely the Mezzo- IMO vernis looks better on smaller bags.
  7. Absolutely MEZZO!! Vernis is a beautiful line, but not for everyday IMO.
    Mezzo is a workhorse.. just look at Angelina Jolie!
  8. Mezzo for sure :smile:
  9. mezzo....that's what started my addiction to lv...i saw angelina carrying the mezzo and i loved it.:tup:
  10. Mezzo for sure!!!
  11. definitely the Mezzo!
  12. The Brentwood is beautiful, but if you need an everyday bag that you need not worry about ~ then I recommend the the Mezzo.
  13. Yet another vote for the Mezzo. You would be surprised at how much you can fit in her. Plus she is a comfortable fit under the arm and will look lovely no matter how little you throw in her.
  14. An another vote for the Mezzo
  15. Mezzo! I love mine.