Mono Cabas Mezzo OR Saleya MM/ GM for work?

  1. ... or is there another large work bag you prefer? :smile:

    I'd like to have something big enough to tote a 13" laptop if necessary, but mostly folders, notebooks, library books, a pencil case, and so forth. (I'm a Ph.D. student!) :heart:

    I'm not a HUGE fan of the dark Damier, but I :heart: Damier Azur... I'm just afraid that the pattern is a spring/ summer color only and wouldn't take me through the fall. I do love the shape of the Saleya though.

    I commute on the subway every day so I need something easy to carry. Thanks in advance!! :smile:
  2. ohhh I love picking! can you post pics so I can make sure I'm thinking of the right one.
  3. I would go with the Mezzo cause some have said the saleya straps don't fit well on the shoulder. But then that depends on whether you want it to fit on the shoulder. I agree with you and think that the damier azur is more spring/summer. Although you could carry it year round.
  4. Sure!

    Damier Azur Saleya GM:


    Damier Saleya PM (they don't have the MM in stock, which is the size I'm looking at):


    Mono Cabas Mezzo:

  5. I would go with the mezzo. I am not a big fan of the salayea GM, and the MM won't be big enough.
  6. I've been thinking of the same stuff...I'm starting grad school next week!

    I would go with the cabas mezzo, especially if you will be carrying a lot of books in it. The flat straps may be more comfortable for carrying and commuting than the rolled straps of the saleya.

    Something else I'm thinking of is the Antigua Cabas MM - it also has the ever so comfortable flat straps!
  7. I have the MM and I love it! It holds a ton, but the GM is a great size without looking huge. I would personally go with the Damier rather than the Azur.
  8. I love them both but I would have to vote for the Saleya since I have one and I love it.
  9. I have both of these bags for work I would recommend the mono cabas mezzo, the saleya will do the job but I use it for a more dressy bag.
  10. Oh I wish I could have afforded these bags when I was in grad school. If I had a choice I would pick the mezzo because of the extra leather bottom for support (you know you will have to set that lovely bag down sometime) and the straps are more comfy......or the pm because it's so universal although I have a bag with handles similiar to the pm and on occasion it gets stuffed it starts to pinch my shoulder.
  11. OOOHHHH, that IS pretty! I love the red and purple one!!

    I think I'm leaning towards the Cabas, since I agree I'd need to get the regular Damier on the Saleya MM/GM, and it's not my favorite pattern. (just not for me.) I love that Antigua tote though, I'll keep it in mind.

    Thanks ladies! ;)
  12. is truly comfortable and when I tried the MM on, I had no problems with the rolled handles staying on my s houlder.
  13. I would go with the mezzo. I'm not too crazy about the saleya
  14. I love both bags... but I'm choosing the Cabas Mezzo.
  15. Cabas Mezzo vote here. :yes: