Mono Business Card Holder

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  1. On the occasion I choose not to carry my wallet, I find my Mono Business Card holder fills in nicely as a substitute, perhaps a Damier in my future? With the holidays approaching it would make a nice gift for a man or lady. Im thinking of buying 3 for gifts. What would you think of this in your christmas stockings? BTW im a guy
  2. I'd love one! :nuts:Are you offering?:graucho:;)
  3. Sure, send one my way too!:yes:
  4. I wish I had a friend like you. I don't know anybody who wouldn't love that! How sweet are you?
  5. I have the damier one and I use it solely as my wallet. I love it. It's slimline and fits only the essentials. The junk cards and stuff flows into my agenda or cles.
  6. Absolutely!!! I have one and use it as a wallet with my clutch bags or as a business card holder every day. I think it would make a wonderful gift!:yes:
  7. It's a very nice gift.
  8. bring it on!!!!
    lol. the ladies will definitely loooove it.
  9. I think they are great! They would make a wonderful gift for both men & women. Anyone would appreciate it in their stocking! Edited to add: the damier is exceptionally nice!

  10. Great gift!!!
  11. They would make a great gift.
  12. Sure, they would be the perfect gifts!
    Personally, I love Damier one :smile:
  13. I was actually considering either getting one of these or a cles. ;)
  14. you are so nice! i think theyare great gifts!
  15. ANYBODY will love that.......ahem ahem........
    they do make great gifts........
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