Mono bag with DE strap - thoughts?

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  1. Hi everyone

    I currently use my mono pochette as a crossbody using a gold chain. I want to get a leather strap so its more low key but I'm hesitating over getting a vachetta strap because I don't want to worry about it getting caught in the rain and also it's more under the radar (not as 'bright').

    Will this look ok or odd? Does anyone have any photos which could help me decide?

    Thank you :welcome:
  2. I have used my DE strap from my speedy B on my pochette accessories and it looks fine. It is bit wider than the strap you would buy, but the color looks fine because there is very little vachetta on the bag.
  3. Someone posted this but I think it's not actually the real DE strap but the color seems the same. I dunno if you like it.

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  4. I can't see why not since there's not a lot of vachetta to either try and match or to clash. For my Pochette Accessories I went to Mautto and picked up a few straps in different colours; for my mono I picked a dark burgundy and a dark navy to contrast the canvas and for my DE I went with red.

    This is the strap design I ordered; 30" length and gold hardware
  5. Thank you for finding that pic for me
  6. Happy to help :smile: maybe the DE strap is a little bit darker but no problem i guess.
  7. I like it!
  8. I use my mini pochette ( mono) with DE Eva strap
  9. Oooooo do you have a photo?
  10. it doesn't look bad at all. i have used my DE strap with my Mono Milla before. The long gold chain is not very comfortable when i'm wearing thin shirt or bare shoulder.
  11. I'm thinking it could work! I only have a few LV bags and I'm on a ban for the forseeable future so I'm trying to think of creative ways of getting more use out of my current collection!
  12. With my mini and de eva strap

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  13. Looks good!!!
  14. Only extreme purists might find it odd... The real world won't give it a second look!
  15. This looks really great - thanks so much!!
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