Mono artsy vs. empriente artsy

  1. Hi all! I'm looking to get an artsy to use as a workhorse bag but I'm torn between the mono and the empreinte. Which one do you guys think would work better for that purpose?
  2. I would vote for the Empreinte Artsy. The leather is very durable.
  3. I would vote for mono. It's still durable but it is lighter. And I think the handle looks better with vachetta!
  4. I have both, the empreinte is my go to, it is not only stunning, but I don't have to worry about the handle, on the mono with the vachetta handle, I am always paranoid about getting it dirty. The leather on the empreinte is Amazing!
  5. I have the mono and I love it !
  6. I like the Empreinte Artsy.
  7. I looked at both the empreinte and mono artsy. When you put your things in the bag, it gets heavy even with the mono artsy. I would go with mono artsy, and a lumineuse in empreinte.
  8. I love my Mono Artsy!! You can't go wrong with either!
  9. I would vote for the canvas over the leather as a workhorse bag... the empreinte gets scuffed up in the corners if you abuse it...
  10. I personally prefer The Empreinte.. what a beauty!!!
  11. Empreinte Artsy, hands down!!
  12. ;)I totally agree with you. The Empriente Lumineuse is so very beautiful, esp. the light colored one, but the Artsy in Empriente would be too heavy