Mono and its haters........Major venting!!!!

  1. So...yes, the Mono is an eye catching does is an LV was started by LV and copied like mad by every designer alive!!!!!!!!

    But the origin of this classic, iconic pattern was to fend of was a way for ppl to know it was the real LV (funny how this is still the biggest problem with LVs today) was to be the authenticity not the "look at me" thing.....

    But with everyone I talk to around me...especailly the ones who have had LV bags and moved on or is just getting started...seem to say that the Mono is somewhat too loud and dare I say too LV??!!!!

    Im sick of hearing me...the reason why the Mono is looked at this way, is b/c many designers copies LVs mono style and alot of their pieces, I might add....

    There is not a brand out there that does not want the the same styles over and over of Hermes, the Prada logo, even the Balenciaga look and tassels are all there to say...this is the bag you paid good money for...and here it is!!!!!!:sweatdrop: honor of this...I am getting the Bosphore Bum first Mono bag.....:yahoo:

    (good reason isnt it???;))

    LV Mono will forever be the bag that is the start and iconic representation of luxury handbags!!!!!!!!!:tup:

    Thanks for letting me vent.....:p
  2. haha hope you are feeling relieved after venting LOL :biggrin:
    I personally am a fan of mono! actually as much as i wanted to buy another line of LV i cant seem to stray from mono :biggrin: it is just beautiful :biggrin:

    ooo and congrats on you bag :biggrin: dont forget to post piccys!
  3. Amen sista! I LOVE monogram!
  4. I agree that Monogram didn't start out as "look at me, I'm carrying a LV". But fake Monograms have been so prevalent, and they do say "look at me, I want to you notice I'm carrying a LV". Unfortunately a lot of people start to associate that image w/ real Monogram too.

    It is such a shame. Because while I like the Monogram design, I do feel slightly self-conscious when I carry it (but not enough to make me stop carrying;)). And I tend pick Damier over Monogram if the bag is available in both canvas.
  5. Hmm i don't care what others think!
    I love the mono, Not cause it pretty much screams LV , cause it's really cute!
  6. well said !!!
    I love monogram aswell
  7. I LOVE MONO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it sounds weird, but I want to say thanks to your vent, LOL
  8. I too am a HUGE fan of the Mono! I have both the Batignolle Vertical and Speedy 25 and lots of accessories to match.

    I would probably pic the Mono over any other style. I also like the Vernis because it has the Mono embossed in it.

    Go Mono!!! :yahoo:
  9. LONG LIVE MONO!!!! :yahoo:
  10. I love mono! My mom, however hates mono in any brand that is majorly counterfeited. She always asks me why I usually get a mono or signature pattern bag when everyone except those well educated on the brand will think I have a fake. At first it bothered me a little bit but I have been carrying expensive bags long enough that now I dont think anything of carrying a designer bag with or without a logo and I just feel people can think whatever they want, its their problem not mine. Now when they state their unasked opinion I do get annoyed sometimes espessially since I dont like to talk about money. So yeah LV mono does pretty much scream "envy me i have LV and money" to those who dont understand that most people who carry the real thing are not trying to make a snob statement but carry it because they love it for one reason or another.
  11. I the mono!
  12. LOL! Amen sister!!

    I love the mono! If others don't like it-goody-more for me!!!!!!!!
  13. You are so right I mean what designer doesn't have an iconic pattern.:smile:
  14. My mum and every other oldie thinks mono is ugly, they don't understand, they can't see anything in it!! Grrr...but when i carry epi, it's like..."WOW...that must be veryyyy expensive"!
  15. Monogram is the reason for the obsession in the first place.:p