Mono Alma vs. BH?

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  1. OK ladies, I'm yet in another dilemma...I so want the mono Alma (no, not damier anymore, although my Saleya PM is a fave). But now I am also craving the BH (again!).

    So, would you recommend the Alma or the BH for me? I know one is handheld vs shoulder, but I'm open to either.

    I already have:

    Mono speedy 25
    saleya PM
    Cabas Piano

    I'm really inclined to stick with mono or damier for know how I love dark colored bags :wlae:

  2. BH!!! I had the Mono Alma and sold it because I didn't like how the zipper looked distorted when I had my stuff inside the bag. The BH holds a ton of stuff!!!! Love it!!!
  3. BH all the way!!!
    I also love the Mono Alma but not ready for all that vachetta!
    Bh is a great everyday bag and looks so pretty!
  4. BH! like Sarsi, i would worry about the vachetta bottom, besides it's eazy on the hand...the zipper always end up scratching my hand when i try Alma in store....(SA's silent voice: blame your chubby hand, leave Alma alone!)
  5. BH for sure!
  6. I think either would work.
  7. BH!!! i personally find that Almas look like a giant clam....(please don't hit me!!! lol) Then again, I saw this gorgeous business woman (yes the power suit and killer heels and all the works lol) with a damier alma once so I guess it works on some people :shrugs:
  8. I like 'em both! It's true the Alma can get distorted around the zipper area if you put a lot of stuff in your bag, but it's such a classic! The BH is also gorgeous but has an open top--no zip--which some people don't like. I have the "regular" batignolles and I love it but it is small.
  9. another vote for the BH! i think the alma shape is so old fashioned and grandma-ish (sorry to all alma lovers!)
  10. I like both, I guess if you didnt like the alma for whatever reason you should go with the BH.
  11. I think the Alma is old-lady-ish too. No offense to Alma lovers!

    The BH is a great bag. However, if you want something similar in size to the Alma but uh...younger....maybe the Ellipse MM?
  12. BH all the way!
  13. My 1st delima too, Alma or Bh....I went with the BH, it came down to the straps and being able to put the purse over my shoulder....not to say, down the road I will probably buy an Alma - but for my 1st LV purchase, I chose the BH and it was the best 1st LV purchase!!!!!
  14. Alma, lol.
  15. i prefer the Batignolles Horizontal. it's much easier to lug a shoulder bag around, and i think the Alma only looks good in Damier anyway