Mono Alma, is it..

  1. old lady's bag as my friend thinks? I really want one but she's got me rethinking it now...:shrugs:
  2. I have to say I agree, it's a very classic bag. But maybe I'm prejudiced because my MIL has it. I don't know your age but for "younger" people I like the speedy or papillon better.
  3. Take a look in the Visual aids at the lovely ladies wearing their Almas & tell me it's an old ladies bag..I dare ya!
  4. No! No! No! Definitely not!
    I'm 21, I absolutely love the shape of the Alma and am dying to get another one in Mono, Damier or Epi (already have the black MC). It's such a great size and shape :love:
  5. I'm 42 and have a papillon which I think is starting to look a little young on me. ;)

    I guess I shouldn't mind carrying an old lady bag since I'll be an old bag myself soon enough, lol. And actually, if I'm going to spend 900 on a bag, I guess I'd rather it be a bag that doesn't look silly on me in a few years.
  6. I know, me too.

    Ok I'll go for it (even though I'm twice your age lol). A woman I work with has it and she's well into her 50's, that's what got us on the topic of it being for older women...
  7. Old lady bag?! No way, I think it's gorgeous! If I wasn't on a ban, I would want one of these now! I think they look great and such a beautiful style. All the pics of the PF'ers that have then make me love it even more! :love:
  8. Great choice :yes:
    IMO Almas are perfect for every age. A friend of mine (my age) has a Mono Alma and looks great w/ it... so does the 70 years old lady who I see in the supermarket from time to time :lol:

  9. LMAO..:lol: :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao:

    I am one of those old ladies then..:lol:
  10. I don't think so! It is a very classic looking bag.
  11. I've seen women of all ages wearing the Alma, and it looks GORGEOUS on all of them!

    Go for it!
  12. im 20 yrs old but i really love my mc alma =)
  13. If you buy bags based on your friend's opinion then i wish you luck.
    I have a friend who likes the weirds (ugliest to me) bags ever. The more eccentric the better! I loose no instant in letting her know how ugly/alien-like her bag choices are but the next one is always uglier :lol:
    This in no way means that I would want her to stop buy/wearing her ugly bags. We're all not meant to have the same taste. It is what makes us who we are. I guess I tell her simply b/c I want to trip on her and i need to fulfill the PITA friend role ;) :lol:
  14. the alma is one of my 'wants'. however, when i went to LV, the SA told me that the alma is for all ages, but said looks more fashionable for 35+ women. so i didn't purchase it.
  15. I love the MC Alma. The Mono Alma-not so much.