MONO ALMA ... Here today , Gone tomorrow

  1. Has any of you bought the mono Alma and found that it involved too much care? Then you ended up selling it or gifting it?
  2. What do you mean care?
  3. The vachette..... you gotta be extra careful with the bottom. No feet.
  4. I have the mono alma and an epi alma and love them!! I am just careful with the mono alma and don't put it down on floors or anything like that so its ok.
  5. I have the MC version and the bottom is all vachetta on that too.
    I haven't noticed any problems really. One time not too long after I got it, I set it down on what I didn't realize was a wet wipe and it got a little corner-shaped stain on the bottom. However, once it patina-ed more, it mostly blended in.
  6. I had the mono alma and both MC alma's at one time......I agree with the other gals. The vachetta really isn't that difficult to deal with. Once it gets a patina, the marks blend in. The magic eraser is also a great tool!!
  7. Ooh, I think it's a gorgeous bag, especially in the MC version. Def worth the extra care. I try and be extra careful about where I put my bags anyway. Sitting on my feet are always an option when dining out at lunch or dinner (hopefully no one is looking under the table.)
  8. I had a Mono Alma (twice!:p) and I have sold it after a few months. I'm very careful with my bags, all the same, the corners was a little dirty after e few weeks! I hate it, if my bags aren't perfect, that's why i have give up my very loved Mono Alma. Go for the Damier Alma or the Epi - these two bags i love very much. No problems with vacchetta.:tup:
  9. By the way..... what happened with your new Suhali Lockit? Did you exchange it for a good one? I remember that you said it was damaged.
  10. I have posted in the Shopping Area. "Exchange of a new but defectiv bag".
  11. I have the Damier Alma - and absolutely love it! I would be a little afraid of the mono one - too much vachetta on the bottom. I sold the cabas piano I had years ago for that reason.