Mono Alma Anyone?

  1. I have the Speedy 35 and have been using it everyday since I have gotten it. I love the mono canvas and am considering getting the mono Alma. Does anyone own this iconic beauty? I can so see myself going out to dinner with a great pair of jeans, ballet flats , a great trench coat and a pretty mono Alma on my arm.

    Or...... would it be wiser to get another everyday bag that I can wear on my shoulder or across my body?
  2. I don't take my black epi alma to dinner that often. It's sometimes just too big. It reminds me of mini-luggage. But I still love carrying it anyway!
  3. I love my mono alma . . . it is such a great bag and perfect for a casual night out on the town :tup:
  4. clsugita,
    welcome to tpf. May I ask your age?
  5. Hi Big Eyes . . . I am 33. Why do you ask?
  6. Hi Big Eyes . . . I am 33. Why do you ask?
  7. not a personal fave :tdown:
  8. I like the Alma in Damier best
  9. I agree with luvmy3girls..i prefer the damier
  10. I ask because I am 53. I have noticed that many on tpf are in their 20's and 30's and have a different lifestyle. Sometimes tastes differ according to age.... not always, though.
  11. Love the alma! I have three (mono, red epi, black epi). It is a beautiful, classic bag.
  12. The alma is a great peice. It depends on if you want to carry a shoulder bag or another handheld.
  13. I love the alma. It's a beautiful bag!
  14. I don't think you would find the Alma too large if you are comfortable with a Speedy 35. The Alma is beautiful in Epi, Mono, etc. This style would be a good choice IMO.
  15. I love the Alma it's not too big, not too small, and it's so classy !!! You can't go wrong with that beautiful bag.