Mono 6 Key Holder: Opinions?


Nov 2, 2006
Hello! I'm interested in the mono 6-key holder, however, the only monogram option on the LV website shows one with a bright yellow interior and yellow button. Does anyone know if the standard color 6-key is still a "thing"? I can call my local store as well... but thought I'd ask here first. :smile:

Also, is the current cost of that piece $250? Wondering if anyone feels this is better purchased new or pre-loved? Not seeing much pop up on the pre-loved market... at least ones in GOOD shape,

Finally, has anyone seen or used their 6-key to hold a bulky VW key fob? I want to be able to close it withOUT the stupid key hanging out. Can't find many testimonials via searching the web. Thanks all!


Jan 27, 2011
I purchased a new mono 6-key holder last week in Sweden for a cost of SEK 1.600kr (it's not that expensive new compared to a pre loved in a decent condition imo) and I'm really pleased with it. I also have the Cles but I've been unhappy with that since my keys don't fit properly and I find it a hassle with the zip. My keys have been hanging outside like a normal key good.

I've enclosed som pics below. I also have a chunky Volvo key and it fits nicely and closes properly. Only thing is that I have to find a small ring to attach otherwise it doesn't close properly.


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