1. I've done a search and can't find anything on Monk so I was wondering if anyone, besides me, on tPF watches it? I think it's one of the funniest shows and I love Tony Shaloub! And I love Cpt. Stotlymeyer (sp). but I have to admit it took me a few shows not to think of him as the killer from Silence of the Lambs...

    The episode that was on last night, where someone was killing Julie Teeger's was so hilarious. DH and I were laughing so hard during the part where Randy was playing Matt Teegers mother that I think we stopped breathing for a minute!!

    I'm interested to hear others views on the show.
  2. I love this show. So glad someone started a thread because I was thinking about it. I missed last nights but hope to catch it soon.
  3. I hope you get to see it!! I think it was one of the funniest I've seen. It was a new one.
  4. I watched it finally. Yes that grandma part was hilarious. Its funny though when they first introduced the killer, I was like maybe hes the one that did it before it was confirmed.
  5. I love Monk, I tivo it!
  6. ive been watching this lately, i got the first season for christmas, haha actually i have a episode on pause at the moment, i paused it because i was falling asleep, i should finish watching it haha I need the other seasons on dvd!
  7. I have all the past seasons on dvd. I recently got my dad addicted. I knew he would like this show. Its funny, they were airing monk marathons for a couple days and he was watching them when I called.
  8. OMG, I LOVE Monk!!!! I had all the DVDs. Was kinda sad that the 'romance' between Randy and *what's her name the girl in early sessions* could not be continued, although I like Natalie a lot as well.
  9. I totes :heart: Monk! I always get so excited when the new seasons come on. I remember being like, mad when Sherona left the show but now I can't even watch the episodes with her in it. I feel like USA has a ton of really great shows all of the sudden!
  10. ITA! Do you like Pysch? Thats a pretty funny show too.
  11. I LOVE Monk!! Ever since my step-mom introduced me to it I've been hooked. Own all seasons on DVD and the OCD seasons 1-4 collection.

    I'm not too happy about the new assistant (Natalie), I loved Sherona. It's a great show though.
  12. Pysch is really good DH actually is more hooked on Pysch and I'm more Monk. I usually end up falling asleep on the couch during the first 10 minutes of Psych...not because it isn't good, just because by then it's 10:00 and I'm beat from the day!
  13. I will actually be home tonight to watch the first time around. Makes for a perfect Friday night.
  14. Got distracted by something so I didn't get to watch tonight but I recorded it.
  15. i can't get enough of Pysch... shawn and gus have me in tears each epi. Psych was the reason i started watching Monk and House...which really great shows.