Monique Luhillier Sample Sale?

  1. Anyone have any idea when the next Monique Lhullier sample sale would be? I am recently engaged (:yahoo: :blush:) and would love, love, LOVE a wedding gown by her...Unfortunately with 400 people on the guest list, I don't think I can be paying full price!!! :girlsigh:

    Even if you don't know exact dates, months & locations would be appreciated. Thanks! :heart::heart:
  2. Call up the Monique Lhuillier store in Beverly Hills and asked to be notified about their next sample sale. They'll send you an email (or call, depending on how nice the associate is).

    You should check out eBay too - her gowns usually go for between $1000-$2000 on there, a huge savings from her retail prices. Plus you can always resell it afterwards and make most of your money back!

    (Another option is - there are quite a few Lhuilliers on there and some are new!)