Monica: Fur Bag

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  1. Ok Ladies I am really feeling this bag Monica is carrying and the vest as well.. if you know where I can get both that would be great!
  2. I'm personally diggin' what's in her hands! LOL!
  3. I love the vest but the purse is roadkill overdrive. Too much @ once.
  4. I'm not a fur person at all, don't like it...but those shades on the other hand, WHOA.
  5. Gucci Fur hobo horsebit bag...look at the top part of the's their signature ring handle thing...:amuse: Well at least that's what my eyes are seeing...
  6. Yep, that's exactly what it is. I was searching for something for another member and I ran across it.
  7. ditto!
  8. Gucci Fur Bag =) i guess its from the spring summer 05
  9. It must be because I couldnt find it anywhere
  10. they are just singles...
  11. Yeah cuz she threw a strip party for her baby daddy.
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