Monica Bellucci

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  1. [​IMG]


  2. She's totally the most gorgeous woman the industry have seen so far.
  3. ^^ ITA.

  4. I love Vincent Cassel!!!!!
  5. She is stunning
  6. Who are they?
  7. ^^Monica Bellucci is an italian actress, she was in the second or third matrix movie...she was also the face of Dior (may still be). Vincent Cassell is also an actor, i believe he is french?
  8. They are so freaking beautiful. I loved him in Ocean's 12!
  9. her hubby is a cutie
  10. Hot couple!
  11. I love them both. He is so freaking hot.
  12. Love Moncia!! Gorgeous! He Hubby was in DERAILED with Jennifer Aniston...that is the only movie I can remember right now.
  13. She's beautiful!
  14. she is so beautiful
  15. I agree she is stunning