Monica Bellucci For Italian GQ

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Monica Bellucci -- 'femme fatale' and tender mother. This is the image of the many nuances that come out of the interview issued by the new Italian GQ On newsstands now.

    The stunning actress begins, "I am a geisha, my work is fantastic. You're there like in a trance, you do things that you would never do, you're never cold even if you're completely naked; I usually cautious and fearful but there I become courageous."

    Monica says how she "never made a phone call to ask for a role. On the contrary, I love to play a destre, give shape to a character, a person. And turning someone else on excites me, to produce excitement in a man. Men can pay a woman to provoke pleasure. For women the issue is different. My naked body? I've never had problems."

    Bellucci stops to talks about her 2-year-old daughter, Deva: "Sometimes I hear little girls say horrible things about their mothers. I think that something like that must never happen to me. I will give her so much warmth to make everything else irrelevant, including my films. Perhaps we won't even watch them. I will do everything to just simply be her mother. I don't care at all about aging, about how I am, how I will be. I will give love."
  2. OMG I love that woman! She is so gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Very puuuurty
  4. Gorgeous!!
  5. Sooo gorgeous !
  6. She is so stunning ... gorgeous face and a sexy bod! Definitely a 'femme fatale'!
  7. oh god..... she is on fire..... hot!!!!!!!
  8. her boobs are ridiculously prefect, that's all i'm sayin'
  9. I love all the pics except the one with the cigarette. The cigarette just seems so out of place!
  10. She is ONE GORGEOUS woman!!!:love:
  11. She's so incredibly gorgeous and so is her husband, french actor Vincent Cassel...she + he = one gorgeous daughter.
  12. she's stunning:yes:
  13. yeah, she does have a very good body...very pretty too..
  14. Monica always looks good!
  15. i think monica is so stunning.
    i love how she is so curvy!