Monica Bellucci for Dior

  1. i swear to all the purse gods this woman should do all the Dior campaigns, she is the quintessence of beauty and style...AND i love love this bag...
  2. I love Monica Bellucci, and she looks amazing in the ad as she always does. I think this was a good choice for Dior to use her.
  3. I just watched shoot em up and she looked soo stunning! I think that bag is beautiful it looks really big!!! Could fit the kitchen sink lol
  4. She is such beautiful woman and carrying a beautiful bag. Suits her very well.
  5. I agree they did a great choice picking her for the cannage ads, she's so beautiful.
  6. Whoa that bag is huge but it looks fab on her.

    She oozes the class that you expect to see associated with dior :yes:

  7. my kind of bag lol :love:
  8. what a beauty she is.
    and I agree with LaMissy... it's a HUGE bag
  9. lovely
  10. oooh nice picture there nat! i'm happy to see her doing more than the dior beauty ads. i always thought she looked stunning in the dior fine jewelry + mini lady dior and red dress on the red carpet so to see her looking so muted down and chic in this advert is brilliant. (wished they didn't airbrush her to death in the advert though)

    and THAT BAG IS HOT!!!!! :drool: (nattie, please get it so i can fawn over it when we finally meet and do paris. ;))

    ugh and now it's back to the books for me. honestly, i promise i'll visit all 3 diors here after my exams are over. I NEED A VACATION!
  11. Does anyone know what is the name of this bag? :love:
  12. its simply called soft large lady dior and i think it only comes in black.:yes:
  13. :drool: i need to check out this bag IRL at the store soon :love::love: THANKS :flowers:
  14. Ohh, she's a beauty... Wish I looked like her :p
  15. i wish i can be in a dior ad. lol too bad my face isn't suited for modelling