Moni Splendor... Carmel or Cream?

  1. Which do you like better?
    MM 01.jpg MM 03.jpg
  2. Also, if anyone has pics of their cream IRL I would love to check them out...:yes:
  3. I don't have this bag (it's looks so cute BTW), but if I had to pick a color, I would choose the Carmel : )
  4. I have seen the carmel IRL and it's TDF!!! Carmel, definitely!!
  5. carmel
  6. cream for me..
  7. Caramel...definitely!
  8. Caramel!
  9. Hey Sep - it's me again! Hey - I just started a thread about the whole "vanilla creme capuccino" debate and I think I've solved my own problem! "Creme" SHOULD really be called "Cappucino" and I think that's the problem is that all these online retailers are just calling it "vanilla" - thinking it's Paris' bag - I posted this particular bag picture in my other thread because it's the color that you WILL get if you order "vanilla" online - I ASSURE YOU - it's happened to me TWICE! So you go by whether you want the Caramel or the Cream KNOWING you will get this kind of linen color thing....what do you think?
  10. Thank you!!

    I deceide to just stick to the Caramel... anyone and everyone who has actually see it IRL agrees that the color is lovely so I figured I'd be safe and go with the popular choice!

    If anyone manages to actually get a true vanilla bag from anywhere please let us know! And POST PICS!:girlsigh:
  11. sep, you and your brown bags!! :upsidedown: I think I have to vote for cream, but it's hard to tell from the pics. I like the way the hardware looks with that color.
  12. Carmel is definitely yummier looking! :smile:
  13. I've actually been wanting a caramel one! A really nice color.
  14. I know! It's a sickness! I'll be sure to post pics... should get it sometime next week... I hope!!
  15. Carmel...!

    Pretty bag! :tup: