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  1. Was wondering if anyone has a Moni Moni handbag? I have seen them in stores before and now Im seeing the name everywhere. I saw pictures of Paris, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan with these bags... Anyone have any idea about them?

    You can see pictures of the celebs with the bags on just scroll down that first page a bit.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. I have 2, the one I am carrying now is the Caramel Splendor. It is very 'unconstructed' and soft and I love it! The only complaint I have is the cel phone pocket isn't really adequate but that's minor. I never thought I would use the shoulder strap but I did while Christmas shopping (sometimes you need both hands free while dragging stuff to the car).The bag get lots of compliments. I have a Shopper in a lighter color--not sure of the official color name--that I will be using when spring/summer comes (if it ever does). Hope this helps!
  3. glad you asked sanfrangirl cuz i've been wondering myself. i really want the splendor bag in white. i don't know anyone who owns a moni moni so i wasn't sure about the quality etc. but now that kemilia said she loves hers, i can't wait to order one!
  4. Thanks so much Kemilia. I ordered the Splendor bag in Chocolate, I cant wait!! What about you BabyK are you going to do it in white?
  5. Hi Bagnshoofetish :smile:

    thats the one Im getting just in the chocolate color!
  6. oooh! they didn't have chocolate when I ordered mine last year! great choice!
  7. I wanted the white but now i found one in plum which is also really nice... which one should i choose???
  8. I would totally go for plum! Thats an amzing color!!
  9. I have the Splendor in caramel and chocolate. I agree that the cell phone pocket is much too small and because the leather is so soft and unconstructed, my phone is always falling out of its pocket.

  10. Where did you purchase yours from? Any problems w/ the bags? I wanted to get the plum but saw on another Moni moni thread that someone had a really bad experience w/ their quaility.
  11. I just saw that post and responded. Honestly I think it was really bad that the website doesnt have quality control. I kinda feel like sometimes its easier for the manufacturer to make a quality control mistake because of the amount of stuff their sending out. The fact the website didnt catch it means the website ordered from Moni Moni and never looked at the bags just sent them out. Im not discouraged, stuff happens. Like I said I called a bunch of stores and heard nothing but good things :smile:
  12. Sorry I forgot to mention I bought the bag from
  13. I've had two (both purchased from and both were great--super soft and squishy...I never had any problems like some of the other experiences I've read about recently on this forum...:confused1:

    I just saw a gorgeous Vanilla one on AFF (Ann's Fabulous Finds) that I was thinking about for a friend.

    anyway, just my $0.02. ;)