Moni Moni Splendor Vanilla Creme Cappucino - The Great Debate

  1. Okay - I promise - last thread about Monis.
    There's been some debate between us TPFers about the color of Paris' Moni Splendor and what it's like in real life.
    I received one bag that was called "vanilla" that Moni called "creme" that another called "cappucino".

    I guess I'm asking about the color of this bag in this link. I sold this - and I don't regret it - but it's bugging me that I can't figure out which one it is. Does anyone here own the Moni Splendor in what was called "Cappucino"? Is this what this is? I'm thoroughly confused and very open to ideas....this is really a VERY true rendering if this color. Not all bright and white and light like Miss Hilton's bag....boooooo on her.....:p

    If I had named this bag, I would have called it "Linen" because THAT'S the color of my light beige linen skirt.....

  2. I did find this link for "cappuccino" for the monis - and this looks like the splendor that I sold.
    Do you like this color or does it look dirty to you?
  3. Hmmm...I always thought "cappuccino" was beige and "creme" was off-white (not as brown as cappuccino). Maybe Paris' bag is creme, but the flash of the camera made it brighter?
  4. Please don't make this the last thread jchiara... How ever will we get a subforum?:graucho:
  5. I have that bag in that color and it was missing a tassel. I emailed Moni Moni to buy one saying it was the cappucino color. The tassel they sent me was much lighter. I contacted them and sent them a tiny sliver of one of the existing tassels and they sent me the correct one, like the one above in the photo. I got the bag off eBay so I didn't know the official color name; the tassel was ridiculously overpriced for what it was but the cust. service was great. The caramel splendor is a dark orangish now, though it didn't start out quite that dark.