Moni Moni Splendor pics

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  1. The first pics are of the Caramel. I tried my best to get up close and capture the flaws. What you are mainly looking for in the last three is the white areas near the seams and such where it should be the color of the bag.

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  2. Next up is the chocolate Splendor. Notice how it is not a deep yummy color, but more of a faded grey,brown color.

    The last one is comparing the color of the Gerard Darel to the Moni Moni.

    Sorry that one is not that clear. My 6 year old was helping me take the pic. LOL
    That's his hand. :smile:

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  3. the gerard darel bag is so much nicer! that's bad craftmanship. where are those made?
  4. Wow, Bjara -- the white parts on your bags were pretty obvious. I noticed some on mine, too, but you kinda have to look for it. I figured the lack of perfection came with the lower price. I definitely noticed their poor workmanship in the stitching. I don't think they were trying to be "vintage" by having bad stitching (double stitching in some places, etc.). It's like one of the tell-tale signs of a fake LV -- bad stitching. I still think the leather is amazingly soft. And I actually like their shade of brown. I thought the shade of brown exemplified "vintage". To each her own, I guess. Well, I hope you get your refund fast.
  5. oh, I really love the moni moni style and the leather look; but, those defects are unacceptable and you really have no choice but to return them. Such a shame, I really love the caramel one. :sad2:
  6. Italy!! Can you believe that? :amazed:
  7. I thought that's just where they got the leather from. Is that where they make them too?
  8. abaglover...I hope I didn't offend you by what I said. :sad:

    Honestly, if it weren't for the white areas, I might have kept the chocolate one. It is faded and different, but cool at the same time...I had to do a double check before I sealed up the box. :lol:
  9. Yep, it says right on the tag on the inside, made in Italy.
  10. That stinks. I was really liking the grey one.
  11. Oh! No, no no. No offense taken! We all work hard for our money. If you're not completely happy, you send it back!! I guess my expectations were lower than yours :lol: :lol: !! I guess it's also a sad commentary on what our money can buy these days. As for the bags, I decided to keep mine because I'm in love with the leather. For the life of me, I can't find any leather this soft so for me, I was willing to settle.
  12. Wow. I know that was a great price you paid for the Moni's but the craftmanship should be a lot better.
  13. Bjara--you TOTALLY influenced me to order a chocolate brown GD. That bag is BEAUTIFUL!
  14. I wonder if their light, vanilla bags have any kind of quality issues? because I really do want one.
    I'm going to try and find them in person tommorow if i can.
  15. I wanted this one in vanilla, to be specific. I like the GD better than the satchel moni moni, but I like this kitty bag (I'm imagining it in white) better than the GD, because it'll go on my shoulder.