Moni Moni Splendor on Sale for $250! What color is it though?

  1. That is the chocolate. The color is actually a darker brown IRL. The caramel is more like orangy-tan. Those measurements look off to me, though. I ordered one and it was much larger!
  2. Did you order it from Footcandy? Do you have pictures by chance?

  3. No, I ordered it from Luna boston over the summer, and actually sent it back immediately because I found it to be really shapeless and sloppy (but I know I am of the minority around here on this one!!!). I love that washed leather, but I prefer my Dylan Linea Pelle bag, which also has that super squishy washed leather, but has more structure and style to it. When I measured the Moni Moni bag I received (which claimed to be 14 x 10 inches online) it was actually 17 inches wide x 11 tall. It was huge and just hung like a wet mop.
  4. I can't see the picture, the link doesn't work, but if it's the Moni Moni Splendor, I think it's really a good deal. I have a Moni Moni Spledor and couple of Linea Pelle bags. I love them all. Moni Moni and Linea Pelle are very similar, both use washed leather, very soft squishy leather. The the size of the Moni Moni splendor is very close to Balenciaga city but in a unstructured style.