Moni Moni Splendor @Karizma 25% off!

  1. For those of you that were looking for the Moni Moni Splendor bag Karizma has it in two shades of brown. Price is $495-but use the code "Toutie25%" and it brings it down to $371.
  2. Ahh Adoptastray... I wish you didn't post that.. now I'm soooo tempted!
  3. Karizma charge my credit and never deliver my moni moni bag...... I mail them 5 times and never got a response.......I have reported this to BBB
    Stop buying from them
  4. Did you call Shellie at the boutique? You should-you will get to talk to someone and get this straightened out. This happened once before and Shellie could not get a hold of the person that had ordered. There is a contact number on her site-remember they are PST. Good luck!
    I have ordered from them many times and NEVER had a problem!
    Also there is now a new code for 30%'s "member30%".
  5. JNH14 Do you know the phone number? or the mail of Shellie? Honestly, I hate its service. No body responses.No one cares.No delivery.
  6. I'm sure you can find the phone number on the website...
  7. I have called but no one answer. I left a message and nobody reply to me .So does the email too. Who can help me???
  8. I love those ladies and I have had spectacular service. There must me something unusual going on.
  9. Finachen, I spoke with Shellie about 5 minutes ago and she said that she has tried to contact the number given for the last week. She even emailed the address that she was given. So, you need to call her back at the store to get things straightened out yourself. The phone number must have been given or written down incorrectly. Please contact them, becuase they are wonderful people!!!:yes:
  10. I bought this bag in the red and honestly, it's one of the loveliest bags I own. :tup:
  11. Shelly replys they run out of the stock. I ask a credit card refund. But two days passed , still got no response. That's redicious.:cursing:

  12. Then call your credit card company and dispute the charge...I've NEVER had an issue with them!
  13. yes, I will suggest you call your credit card company and report disput, they will give you temporary credit back and start to investigate. I had the same expeirience with the Jarrot store in Beverley hill center because of the Moni Moni bag too. The sales in Jarrot told me they ordered for me but Moni Moni didn't ship them the bag, I waited for 3 weeks then I report to my bank and get the credit back.