Moni Moni Splendor in White $187

  1. thank you! I've been really wanting to get one of these for the longest time!!
  2. It was gone. Then they had a brown "Shopper" but it was gone, too. Dang, it! Thanks for posting to us gals that are interested in Moni Moni.
  3. sorry, ciatta! I think I snagged the last one - it said only 1 left in stock when I got it!
  4. That's ok...I'm glad that another TPF gal was the lucky one! Enjoy!
  5. Wow, this is a great deal! Too bad there are none left, but thanks for posting anyways!
  6. Was this shipping directly from Amazon? If so and someone from this site ordered, please double check your purchase when it arrives. Amazon has been known to sell fake Prada (I am not sure about other brands), vehemently deny doing so despite verification that the products are fakes, and then remove all negative comments where the commenter reports having received fake merchandise. Really, really shady stuff. I'm not saying that they never sell anything authentic, just that you need to be really careful with them.
  7. oh, wow - I will definitely check when it arrives - I should be getting it Monday. It did ship from Amazon, so I assumed that it would be authentic since Amazon is so big.... :sweatdrop:
  8. its a cute bag
  9. Sorry I missed it, I really liked the brown one that I missed also. Oh Well.
  10. t4p! i never check on amazon, but i'll have to now! that was a great deal.
  11. I just reported it here:
    Not sure what kind of actions they will take but it's outrageous that Amazon sells fakes since people tend to trust big names.
  12. the splendor just arrived today! I will post pics this afternoon and hopefully ya'll can help me confirm authenticity. At first glance it's FAB!
  13. Wow! That was quick. And free overnight express, too. Looking forward to the pics.