Moni Moni Splendor Bag

  1. Hi~ Does anyone know where else I can get moni moni splendor bag?? I prefer an website without tax cost and discount codes. Thank you.
  2. Try They don't have the splendor bag currently on their site but they may be able to order for you. They have great customer service.
  3. I wasn't clear if you wanted to use a discount code or not--but if you do, there is a link on the Deals & Steals page that says offers a 20% discount to first time buyers. I just checked and they have a large selection of Moni Moni available. I have 2 (Splendor & Shopper) and LOVE
  4. Me again--meant to end with LOVE THEM BOTH! (too late for me to be typing accurately, I guess)
  5. I know ADASA has huge collection, but they have just increased their price up $70!!! It's crazy.. used to be $435 and they are selling it for $495
  6. shopdollyrocker has some, but i've read from the TPF that there were some quality issues from the manufacturer Moni Moni itself (not the site, but hopefully that's fixed now).

    i personally own a Splendor in Cappuccino and love it to pieces. i find it very versatile and i can wear it with about anything.
  7. I bought the Splendor in Caramel from It's not shipped yet since it was a pre-order, but it did allow me to use a discount code, and shipping was like $9. That site was the cheapest I've found. Adasa raised their prices, and you can't use a discount code on their site for pre-orders.
  8. Try They are selling Splendor bag in caramel and plum for $425. They have other Moni bags as well. Also, they offer free shipping for orders of over $200.
  9. Those are some cute bags.
  10. Wow, that's the cheapest I've seen! I have a Splendor in Olive and I love it. The leather is super soft and it's the perfect size. :heart:
  11. I don't know if you have checked out eBay but there are some chocolate splendors and a cappuccino up for auction. I got my caramel from eBay last fall; I have not heard of them being 'faked' yet. I have dealt with MoniMoniGirl to get some new tassels and they were great.
  12. Yum. These bags are squishy! Love it!
  13. I would personally go for the cappucino splendor but I know I would drop my open lip gloss on it or something. But I might take the chance anyway, they are the squishiest bags ever. Someone on the Forum once wrote Moni bags are like wet rags, no shape whatsoever, that is not true, they are just very unconstructed. I asked them at MoniMoniGirl to please do something in pink but I am not holding my breath.
  14. I prefer to not buy things like handbags on Ebay. It's too risky -- there are just too many fakes out there. I would rather pay an extra $100 or so and know I'm getting the real thing.
  15. Anyone purchased the bag recently? How's the quality now?