Moni Moni Splendor arrived today

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  1. To cut to the chase, I am disappointed. :oh:

    I think between these two, the Gerard Darel wins hands down...and for less $, the GD is much better quality.

    I will take pictures tomorrow, when there is better lighting, but for now I will try to explain what I don't like.

    It says that it is a washed leather. Yes....I can tell that. But, it looks like to me, that they put the bag together, washed it, and THEN added (looks like it was sprayed on) the color to the leather. So where there are two pieces sewn together, seams, handles to bag, etc., there is a white tell tale line where the coloring did not get to! If you hold the bag by the straps, the weight of the bag pulls a bit on the little tab of leather where the handbag and the ring that holds the strap are attached to, and the white shows. How the handles are attached to the rings is kind of shoddy as well. The little piece of leather tucks around and then is pushed up inside the underside of the handle. One of them had come undone...the tip of the strap was white where it hadn't been colored, and because of being stuck up into the inside of the handle, the leather pleated, so the coloring looks whiskered. I hope that makes sense. The stuffing inside the handle is poking out as well, and it looks like a cloth rope is up inside there.

    The leather is textured, but not smooth, like a short suede but it isn't suede. It's porous. The only example I can think of is flat wall paint being the Moni Moni, where as an eggshell or semi-gloss is a Paddington.
    The Caramel color looks very similar to the Chloe Whiskey, but the Chocolate doesn't hold a handle to the chocolate Chloe. It looks faded...almost like a grey brown...dusky like..not a true yummy chocolate brown.

    I promise I'll take pics first, and then they are going back asap. :evil:
  2. bummer, they look so cute online.
    I guess you really do get what you pay for sometimes.
  3. What a shame, it looked so nice in the pictures :sad:
  4. that is too bad; but, thank goodness for return policies. :amuse:

    Bjara - you are becoming the resident Purse-test subject...perhaps you would like to buy a few Gauchos to photograph for me? J/K :P (I don't even want a gaucho.):P
  5. Thanks for posting that b/c I was seriously considering buying the lighter brown color one.
  6. Ack! But thanks for the description before I took the plunge... :smile:
  7. I still have to take my pics...but you can tell to a degree what I am talking about in this pic. See where the strap meets the bag and has that little white strip? That actually is white. It looks like the color was sprayed onto the bag.

    The Caramel color is gone from Adasa.

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  8. aww, I'm sorry it's a dissapointment, I thought it looked so soft and cute in the pictures. :-/
  9. i hate it when bags dissappoint in real life. well least now we know!
  10. I was looking at it online last nite. I'm sorry that it wasn't up to expectations...I hate when that happens!
  11. Ohh what a shame. The bag looks cute on the picture and I was looking at it the other night and was wonder if I should get it.
    Thank for the info Bjara. This is one of good advantages of this forum. We do share information.
  12. I wonder at the dye processes that they are using on some of these expensive bags. I mean we shouldn't have the problems that we do with fading, peeling, color transfer, and missing color from seams. I am sorry for your disappointment- if you do return make sure you point out the shortcomings of the bag.:sad2:
  13. That is a bummer, Bjara! I'm so sorry. I know the anticipation and it's such a let down when the bag doesn't deliver! Oh well, like Loganz said, thank goodness for return policies!!!
  14. I'm so sorry for you that you don't like your new bag:cry:
  15. Really sorry about your diappointment and the hassel to send them back. Thanks for reassuring us who's got the GD bags!