Moni Moni Shopper Tote


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
Does anyone here own a Moni Moni Shopper Tote? If so, can you post a picture of the bag either by itself, or hanging on your arm? I've seen the stock photos of the bag on the ADASA website, and I've gone back & forth about it. I'm just wondering (1) how long the shoulder strap is? ADASA has a picture posted of Michelle Trachtenberg w/this bag on her arm, and the strap looks much shorter than it looks in the photo of the bag, (2) I've heard that there were some issues on the construction of Moni bags in general. How well has your shopper held up? Is it pretty well made? and (3) any thought and/or opinions in general?


the boonies of illinois
Mar 14, 2006
the boonies of illinois
I have a Shopper tote. It can definitely be used as a shoulder bag; on me, the bag part starts a few inches below my arm pit. The handle drop is about 8 inches so it does fit sort of close & tight, depending on what you are wearing (I just tried it on over my bathrobe). The leather is so squishy, the bag part squishes down sorta. I didn't use it during the winter--I don't think it would have fit over my heavy coats & down parka. When I lay the straps flat, they measure about 14 inches, give or take. The straps on Adasa's site definitely look longer than mine; I remember reading on this site there were quality issues with Moni Moni at one time, maybe strap length? Hope this was helpful--I don't have a camera available (sorry). I do carry it just on my arm or in my hand; I love it (I don't remember the color name--it is sort of greyish/taupe-ish). If I can get a pic of mine and figure how to load it to this thread, I will. Hope this was helpful (from a fellow Chicago-lander!).