Moni Moni Shopper Tote

  1. I've read a few posts about Moni Moni bags - I really like the Splendor bag, and hope to add one to my collection soon. For now, I was considering getting one of the Shopper Totes - one thing I wonder about it, there's a pic of an actress (Michelle "T-something") w/the bag and the strap looks like it's short enough to carry on your arm, but looking at the pic of the bag itself, the strap looks much longer - Does anyone know how long the shoulder strap is on this bag & whether or not it's too long to carry on one's arm? I also wondered what some thought of the bag in general? I'm a sucker for soft, squishy leather - as well as vintage looks, so this seems to be the bag for me, but unfortunately, I've never seen one in person, and I hate to judge from pics alone. Any thoughts?