Moni Moni Question

  1. Okay I'm new to the forum .... have to admit I have been a lurker for awhile .... I spotted the Moni Moni brand about a year ago and have craved one ever since.

    I just purchased one on sale from a what I believe to be a reputable online store (per postings I've read here) ... I know there have been some complaints about the inconsistency in the quality of the Moni Moni brand .... well, I ordered the Moni Moni Shopper Tote in Carmel on sale (no refunds ... oh boy, did I make a mistake?) ... received it the other day ... it smells horrible! I'm hoping that the smell dispates ... I'm hanging it right now. There is a small spot on the front zipper were the stitching got missed .. I could live with it because I like the vintage look.

    My real question is I'm not sure it's an authentic Moni Moni and I don't know how to determine if it is ... I did see a post here with pics of a plum colored moni moni that someone bought and the inside label indicating it was made by Moni Moni was made out of metal. The inside tag of my bag is stitched leather imprinted with "Moni Moni By Cinzia Moniaci Made in Italy" ... so does anyone know?

    If it's a fake, I tempted to try and return the bag to the online store (even though it was a final sale) and/or disputing the charge on my visa.

    Anyone know? thanks for your help. :yes:
  2. Who did you purchase it through? Maybe then we can help you out.:yes:
  3. I purchased it from Adasa. I have not contacted them yet about my concern.
  4. Adasa sells authentic bags. after reading many posts about the bad quality of their bags, i am glad i never purchased one. but i do love the caramel splendor! sorry about your bag, though. it is a shame that for the price of the bags, they have that many issues.
  5. Yes thank you for your replies ... I did write to moni moni girl directly and received a response that the bag is authentic .... just disappointed in the stitching ... I'm going to email Adasa in any event to see if they'll work with me and maybe exchange it.
  6. Sorry to hear that!! I own the plum and love it. The smell does disappear if you leave the bag out long enough. I didn't like the way it smelled either.
  7. sorry to hear about your unsatisified purchase. i have the Splendor in Capp and i love it. the smell will fade and the leather will soften up a lot more.

    mine has quite a few stitching problems (the inside stitching was in "blue" threads and some of them are quite visible) but since i bought it from an auction here in Taiwan, i couldn't have exchanged it for another.

    i am still happy with the bag overall.

    and Adasa is a reputable site, so i'm sure they will try to work with you. good luck!
  8. Just a follow up - I did contact Adasa and their staff was quite cooperative and did allow me to return the bag for a store credit, and I just turned around and used the credit for the same bag but in the cappuchino color. The zippers are ALL perfectly stitched on this new bag, and I'm sure I will get many years of use out of it. Moni Moni definitely has some inconsistencies in the production of the bag. I found several things that I felt were wrong with the first bag, altho the staff at Adasa assured me that the bag was supposed to be "distressed". I cannot find anything wrong with the replacement bag I received.

    I will definitely purchase again from Adasa.:smile:
  9. I'm glad you were able to return your bag! What a relief. I've been wanting the Moni Moni splendor bag for so long, but very very few ppl said good things about it, so I'm very skeptical. I just can't afford to get an okay bag and live w/ it. I wish I can see one in IRL. That would help w/ my undecisiveness.
  10. I have the Moni Moni Splendor in cappuccino and the Savana in Black. The Splendor had a strong leather smell but the Savana had none. I actually hung my Splendor bag outside on my porch when we had a windy day and it did help. It doesn't bother me though. Both of my bags were purchased from Adasa and I think their service was excellent. I'm glad they worked with you on replacing your bag.