Moni Moni or Hayden-Harnett

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  1. I like them both--did you try searching tPF for the names of the particular bags along with the word "quality" or even just the name of the brand as well as the word "quality"?
  2. Ooh, I love them both, but I'm a little more biased towards the Moni Moni since I have one. The leather's already washed and distressed so you don't really have to worry about marking it up. The leather on the Barnard is a little more delicate.

    Re: weight, the MM is very, very light. Leather is thick but smooshy. It's wrinkly and rippled like it just came out of the dryer, so if you like structure and a refined look in a bag you might not like this one.
  3. its two different styles though - it really depends on what you want i think.
    i have a moni moni splendor and my strap can't fit cross body like the barnard.
    then again the splendor can be carried as a tote on the handles and also on the shoulder with the strap - so you have a choice there - the barnard can only be a crossbody bag
    but i trust that HH has excellent leather quality - its usually smooth and buttery and the moni moni is rather distressed and slouchy and super soft..
    so i guess it depends on what you need it for - i would say the barnard u can only go casual with it whereas the moni moni u can try dressing up and still carry it off
  4. I really like the Splendor bag and have been pondering it myself for a while. Let us know what you decide! ;)
  5. i have the splendor in cappucino and it's held up really well. as mockinglee mentioned, the leather is already distressed so you don't have to worry too much about the wear. i personally clean mine with an eraser and it works wonders.

    as far as styling goes, i still prefer the moni moni one. ok ok, call me biased. =P

    good luck with your decision!
  6. I think I like the Moni Moni bag better. I love HH but that bag isn't really my style. Good luck with what you decide and let us know!!
  7. Lovely choices there but i think i will go for the moni moni bag cause i have got one in the caramel colour! i love it very much as its a distressed bag so i dont need to worry about getting it scratch just add more to the character of the bag! the leather is gorgeus...very soft but sturdy! you can also wear it like a cross body in mine...definately go for that one! actually i will check if the person i bought that bag of on eBay still has another one for sale! he was selling a few moni moni bags..they are authentic! Its a wee bit cheaper than buying it on luna boston.. i will check and send you the link!
  8. I'm an HH fan... but the MM gets my vote in this case!! :biggrin:
  9. I think I'm going to go with the MM because I like the style and vintage-ness of it.

    pekie - That would be great. Let me know if he/she has anymore and for how much because I have a 20% off discount code for
  10. I love the Moni Moni bag, it looks so soft and smooshy.
  11. I love the Moni Moni. :tup:
  12. im not sure if i already voted on this one, but definitely moni moni, since that bag is on my wishlist!!!
  13. Moni! I have one in Olive and love it. :heart:
  14. Here is the Moni Moni:


    I think HH is better quality, but I don't care for that particular style.