Moni Moni & Linea Pelle? Similar?

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  1. After I saw the picture of Moni Moni Splender, I felt in love with it, and really want one. From the picture, the leather from Moni Moni is very similar to Linea Pelle, like washed lambskin leather, and price-wise they are in very close range, even some of the style are very similar. So, any of you own both Moni Moni and Linea Pelle, what's your favorite compare to those two brands?
  2. I purchased the Moni Moni Splendor online, fell in love with how it looked (seen only here on tPF, but not in person). Although the leather is nice and squishy, I did not like the bag much. It is shapeless and has zero structure. I ended up returning it. It was very flimsy and when I put my stuff in it, it all just fell to the middle like a grocery bag.
    On the other hand, I purchased the LP Dylan Bowler and have not used another bag since I got it over a month ago. I am totally in love with this bag! Like the Splendor, it has the super squishy leather, the double handles, and the optional shoulder strap. For me though, the LP Dylan has a bit more shape and structure, the size is better, and the leather is thicker and feels like it is much better quality. Both bags are super lightweight, which is very nice in an era of ultra heavy bags with massive hardware!!!
    I do have to say though, I am the minority around here about the Splendor. People absolutely LOVE this bag! It just didn't work for me.
    Good luck and let us know what you pick!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I actually already have couple of LP bags, and I absolutely adore all my LP bags, love love the squishy leather. When I saw the Moni Moni picture online, I was really surprised how similar those two brands are. The Moni Moni splendor reminds me the Balenciaga city.
  4. Both of these brands look very similar to me. Same soft leather, the quality of the straps, etc. isn't very good on either, same shapeless stuff going on. The bags look like they have really been worn way before they ever hit your closet. You can throw in some Gustto bags in there too on this same topic, from my humble vantage point. Just buy a Balenciaga, bite the bullet, get the original, soft, cool, and ultimately wearable bag. Yes, it's pricey (I would put blinders on, not shop until I had saved enough for the B-bag), but better to buy one fabulous handbag that has real value. Sorry if I came on strong.
  5. Nothing to sorry about, it's just your opinion. I indeed own several Balenciaga (6 of them, still not enough), and love them as well. I felt I am little tired of Balenciaga, need to try something different, and give some credit to those middle range designer handbag instead of those steep high price. I am experience different brands now, and I also love the unstructured bags with soft wash leather, can't get enough of them. As for real value, I am not sure if $1200 Balenciaga does have real value compare to $300 Linea Pelle, Moni Moni or Gustto