moni moni handbags anyone?


Dec 26, 2006
hello all, i'm new here. i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of the brand moni moni? they seem kinda cute, but trendy, expensive, and I don't know anything about quality. i was thinking about purchasing the splendor, but the more i look at it now the more it looks like a rip off of a balenciaga. what do you girls think? i feel like it would be a much better investment to get a more classic brand like a LV or MJ.
I don't know if you've seen it IRL but I didn't like them. They look good online but they really don't have any structure and they are pretty small for a bag for the price. Although I prefer big bags over small ones. If you can afford it I would go with the LV or MJ over the moni-moni
hello, i have a Splendor in Cappucino and have been using it since October. i think the leather on the bag looks even better with time. it's true that the bag is not very structured but that's the vintage/distressed look i like about it. my friend has her Splendor in Caramel and it looks AWESOME now that she's had it for a year. the color of the leather has darkened gracefully.

my Splendor holds many things but the brass hardware on them does make it weigh a little all on its own.

if you can afford the LV go for them by all means. they're known for their quality and durability. Moni Moni as a mid-range designer label i think it has a slightly funky street feel to it, which adds a little twist of fun! ;)

i have posted some deals on the Deals & Steals pages for their bags and the site with the best prices i've seen is Nanette lepore, twelfth street by cynthia vincent, vince sweaters, juicy couture handbags. hope you find one you like.
sorry but no. i am merely sharing the deals i found online. just like other PFers have done for me.

my bf has banned me from buying another Moni Moni bag so i thought i'd share to let others who might want one take advantage of the discount.

i am sorry you feel that i'm promoting. i live overaseas and i don't even get any profit out of advertising for that site. i only stumbled into it a few weeks ago.
I have never seen them IRL, but have heard of them. From the online pics and celeb endorsements they seem attractive. But I've read a lot of negative comments about the quality. I've resisted buying one since you can find excellent, less-hyped buttery leather bags around the same price point and with much better finish. I have a gorgeous, soft brown satchel from Dent's UK, and it's puddly soft and beautifully finished with brass hardware.