Moni Moni Caramel Savanah for $249!

  1. if anyone is interested, it's $337 on Luna Boston, but if enter code luckbreaks3 & it comes out to be $249. i think its a good price considering it reatils for $415. :tup:
  2. my bad, it's LUCKYBREAKS3
  3. wow, no one interested?
  4. i've been on the edge of buying it since the code came out, trying to see if it's in my budget, i really want it and i think they only have one in stock....oh what to do!
  5. Which Site?
  6. oooh too bad black is sold out! i haven't seen the caramel IRL. i wonder how the color is?? lighter or darker than shown? lunaboston's colors are off a lot.