Moni Moni bags/Suggestions for brown satchel

  1. Morning everyone!

    For some reason I am smitten with the Moni Moni Splendor bag. I was wondering if anyone has one or has had any experience with the brand.

    My birthday is coming up so I'm looking for the bag I want from my family since I am on a personal ban for a long while. I'm being very picky since it will the only new bag for awhile so any other suggestions are appreciated. I'm looking for a light brown to dark brown bag, mainly a satchel style, probably medium sized, under $500. The other bags I am currently looking at are the LAMB Mandeville in Saddle and the Anna Corinna City Tote in Butterscotch or Tobacco (to give you an idea of what I like).

  2. i like moni moni bags -- but they are definitely "vintage" if you don't like unfinished edges etc you will hate them! if you like the unfinished and slouchy look, it might be a great bag for you!

    another option that is more structured/polished would be rebecca minkoff morning after bag or morning after mini...the chocolate color is gorgeous...

  3. Thanks for the tip on the "unfinished" bit. I generally like things clean and polished but for some reason I'm drawn to this bag, I wish I could see it IRL.
    I've also contemplated the Morning After, I really like the glazed espresso color but I'm just not sure on the bag.
  4. If you like a polished look, this bag is not for you. It has a very worn, washed, vintage feel, with imperfections in color and wrinkled in places. It's like the purse equivalent of your favorite pair of worn, faded jeans. Definitely a very casual bag. That said, I have one in black and I loooooove it. It holds a lot, but isn't too big and has a removable cross-body strap for when you want to go messenger-style. Because of the vintage style and uneven coloring you don't have to worry much about dirt or marking it up. Leather is soft and light, but not too thin.

    Two complaints: the color tends to rub off on your skin and clothes, at least at first (not sure about brown, you might not have that problem), and also the zippers are wrinkled (again, like on an old pair of jeans) and don't pull smoothly at first (they smooth out with use).
  5. I didn't have the color rub-off problem with my caramel Spendor but it is definitely a vintage, has-seen-it-all and then some, type of bag. Rain and snow isn't a problem with it, I use it a lot in the winter.
  6. hmmm the Savana has also caught my eye. I don't know why I'm just really liking this bag, maybe because I generally only carry more refined bags.
  7. I have the caramel Spendor. It's leather is yummy. Almost as soft as an 04 B-Bag. :heart:
  8. i have the Splendor and love it. i also am drawn to the Savana and the Anna Corinna City Tote. so i think we have similar tastes. the Splendor is a great everyday, throw around bag. it's casual yet i think it looks great with a little dress. the studs on the handles and the grommets around the outer pocket give it a little rocker feel.

    i also happen to have the RM Morning After (but in Mini) in Royal blue. the leather is quite different from that on the Moni Moni. MM's leather is more on the dull, rough side, yet it will smooth out with use and grow a nice patina. the RM leather is supple and very soft on arrival, however i haven't used it long enough to see how it ages.

    happy hunting! and hope you find a perfect bag soon! ;)