Moni Moni bags on Shopdollyrocker

  1. hi all, if any of you is interested in a Moni Moni handbag, I think Nanette lepore, twelfth street by cynthia vincent, vince sweaters, juicy couture handbags definitely has the best prices on the net!

    I've got my Moni Moni in the Splendor style in Cappucinno and absolutely love the texture and color of the leather. I bought it from a local retailer though however, and wish I had found the websit earlier.

    Now I have my eyes on the Savana in Pearl Grey and at $305 as compared to $415 on the Moni Moni official site, this deal is pretty unbeatable.

    Does anyone know any coupon code for this awesome website?

    ps. I'm new to the forum, and I don't know how to do a "search" on the forum for past deals...:sweatdrop: can anyone give me some pointers?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, the search the forum is uder the page numbers.
  3. thank you zhen14!!

    finally i see it...haha
  4. hello, if anyone is interested in a Moni Moni bag, Shopdollyrocker is having a 50% off sale on their bags!!

    they have some Juicy bags as well among others.

    the sales ends on Sunday, Jan 7.

    since my bf has banned me from getting another Moni bag (i have the Splendor and LOVE IT)...i thought i should pass this offer on to fellow PFers who might want one. ;)
  5. Thanks so much! This is biggest discount I've ever seen on Moni Moni bags.
  6. ;) glad it could be of use to you.

    i'd totally get another one if it weren't for the ban imposed by my bf...haha

    i'm such a little woman, lol.

    ok and honestly, cuz i've been eyeing too many other bags lately. haha!

  7. btw, i would love to know which bag you got. ;)
  8. I got the Eden in strawberry and the Savana in plum. I've had my eye out for a red bag and also a purple bag in this sale season. I like how the distressed, washed leather softens the impact of an all red bag and REALLY like the styling of the Eden. I also don't have any satchel bags with the detachable cross body strap option that's so popular now. I've wanted one of those for running errands and having the hands free option of slinging a satchel bag cross body because I don't look good in messenger bags. So with the Savana plum I got my purple bag and sling/satchel bag all in one! Shopdollyrocker has a good style/color Moni Moni selection even though the super popular Splendors are sold out. Thanks again for posting the sale!!
  9. LOVE MONI MONI the quality and look of the leather is fantastic.
  10. hi hi, adoptastray, very happy for you! i bought the Splendor mainly because of the above reasons too, though it is a bit like a messenger bag. but i do free my hands up when running errands and i also use the bag as a travel companion bag!

    CONGRATS! hope you will love your new babies when they arrive.
  11. Hello snowtire,

    I just found out the Moni Moni Splendor bag from last year's magazine. And I love it. I also check the website "shopdollyrocker" and the bag isn't on sale now. Is it possible that you can post some pictures cuase I want to know what it looks like inside. : )

    Thank you for your information and they are really useful. So far that's the only website got Moni Moni handbags.