Moni Moni Bag

  1. Hi everyone.
    i have just discovered the moni moni bags and am undecided about which colour to get, i was thinking the caramel splendour satchel.
    I was just wondering if anyone had pics if they could post them as i think photos that people take give a better picture of the bag than those on the websites (i also thought that it would be nice to have all pics in one thread rather than all over the place)
    Also is there a discount code for the moni moni website or any other websites??
  2. ALOHA67 will get you 25% off at ADASA until June 30th
    Grechen will get you 20%off at FengJunk
    Grechen will get you 20%off at Luna Boston

    All free shipping and I have ordered from all 3 places.:tup:
  3. I have the Moni Moni splendor in carmel from Luna Boston which acts as a great neutral bc it can go with brown or blk. The splendor is the way to go bc you can use it as a shoulder bag or messenger bag with the removable 3rd strap! The secret about the Moni Moni bags is that the leather wears even better with age, I've had mine for over 6 months and it looks better now than ever before!
  4. I have the Moni Splendor bag in caramel and the actual color is much darker than it looks in pics. The batteries are dead in my camera - but this is the bag I bought (scroll down to posts #12 & 18):

    The color of the bag in these pics is actually pretty accurate (esp the second set). Also, the bag, once it was stuffed & used is definitely NOT as wrinkled as it looks here. When the bag first arrived, it was pretty wrinkled, but I loaded it up w/tissue and by the next day, most of the wrinkles & folds had smoother out. I use this bag a lot - mainly on the weekends and when I don't want to carry a "nice" bag. I like the fact that it's so distressed that I don't feel like I have to be so gentle w/it. I also luv that the shoulder is long enough that it can be worn cross-body. That makes it much easier for me to carry when I have my little granddaughter with me (hands free w/no worries of the strap falling down & easy access to the bag!)
  5. I just got my Moni Moni Splendor today in Olive and it ROCKS! I got it from ADASA with the 25% off, it arrived in like 2 days! I'll post pics of it tomorrow.

    But here's a pic of my Moni Hobo Satchel which I got from Luna Boston recently on sale and it's stunning too.

    I really adore the Moni bag's really perfect for my daily life.
    Monibag.jpg Monibag2.jpg
  6. I don't know if I've asked this before (probably) but I love Moni bags (don't own any yet) but I'm afraid to buy any because I don't know if it's lightweight, medium or heavy. If anyone has both a Moni of any style AND an Anna Corinna mini city, can you tell me the weight comparison? TIA:tup:
  7. I don't have an AC Mini, I have an AC Lady Duffle and it's heavier than either Moni. Monis weigh nuttin. But I love my AC too!
  8. I don't have an AC either, but I can say that the Moni is pretty light. Even w/a lot of stuff in the bag, it is one of the lightest bags I own. I'd say it's actually pretty close to my Gustto Setela bag, which is a larger size bag but extremely lightweight. The Splendor is smaller than the Setela, but very close in weight.
  9. I was just looking at the ADASA website and noticed that they've posted new pics of the Moni Moni Splendor Bag in caramel. The pics that they show now are a much more accurate depiction of the caramel color (the older pics made the color seem much more pink-ish). They still seem a little lighter than the color of my bag, but they're closer than they looked before (I also notice that in their closeup of the heart hang-tag, the tag looks darker than the bag - my bag is the exact opposite. My heart is much lighter than my bag).

    One thing to keep in mind is that because this bag is made of washed leather, no two bags are exactly alike, and some bags may be darker than others. Most bags are also multi-tonal (lighter/darker in spots) - again, due to the washed leather process. Unless you see the bags in person and pick it out yourself, you won't know if you're getting a darker or lighter bag.
  10. I love Moni bags!!! The leather is soft, and I would go with the caramel splendor. Just more versatile, kwim. Congrats on your future handbag purchase.
  11. so i ended up buying the caramel splendour and was so excited when it arrived but then i took it out of the dust bag and was so disappointed
    The quality was fine and the colour was alright (a bit more orangeish than i thought it would be) but the bag is so much smaller than i was expecting. It can still hold a lot but i really wanted a bigger bag and while i dont hate it i dont love it either. I feel so bad for spending all that money and cause i live in Australia its really not worth returning it.
    Oh and the bag really smells, i've left it outside to get rid of the smell but its not working:crybaby:
  12. I'm so sorry you were disappointed with the bag. I know the bag isn't all that large, but it really does hold a lot - that's one of the great things about this bag. It's sort like Gustto's Baca bag in that it's size really is an illusion - it really is a bottomless bag (mine hold as much as any of my larger bags hold!). I think that pic of Paris Hilton w/her white Moni is definitely a bad idea - I don't know how they made that bag seem so large, but it's more accurate in other pics I've seen (the ones w/Lindsay Lohan carrying it are accurate).

    About the smell - it could be something due to the washing process, or it may have to do where it came from. I didn't notice any unusual odor with my bag. It didn't have that new leather smell (again, I think it's due to the washing process) - but it certainly wasn't offensive. Try placing a dryer sheet inside of it, or maybe a small card w/a spray of fragrance that you like. That might help.

    You might want to try putting some of your things inside and give it a test run - see how you like it when you're carrying it. I think this bag is so easy to carry - either on your arm w/the shorter handles, on your shoulder with the longer strap or even cross-body. I was never one for a cross-body shoulder strap, but it really comes in handy when I need both of my hands completely free (and it's so easy to access the inside of the bag).

    Maybe the bag will grow on you, or once it softens & ages you'll like it more - If anything, it'll be the perfect bag for you to use on days when you just want a "knock around" bag.
  13. Definitely. That pic is so misleading because we know she's tall, yet the bag looks enormous on her. It's probably the photographer's lens that screws up the perspective. I did the same thing...mine came and it was so much smaller than I expected. Still, it holds a lot, it grew on me, and I decided to keep it and have been using it everyday since. I even wrote back to Adasa and pointed out that the Paris pic is kinda misleading.

    Mine also had an overwhelming leather smell when it first came out of the box, but it's aired out a lot with use (it's only been about a week or two). Only thing I don't like about the bag is that I got the black and the color rubs off a little, so I can't wear it with light colored clothes.
  14. I may be a freak, but omg, I LOVE that leather smell! I can sit and just stick my nose in a bag and breathe it in for ages. :yes: