mongram ring??

  1. did anyone see the monogram ring on the LV site? any idea of the price?
  2. how's about a description? is it gold or fancy jewellery?
  3. Are you talking about this one?

  4. yes..thats is so hot. I love it. anyone know the price?
  5. I saw it too. I WANT IT. If it's fancy...then I can forget it. I'm sure it will be in the upwards of 2K and most likely much more...
  6. I think it's around three or four thousand, I can't remember the exact price.
  7. It says 2070 Euros on the picture :smile:
  8. The price is $2,639.08 :s
  9. I saw this yesterday! I fell in love! I was going to call the 1866 number to ask for the price! I love it, I think it is sooo beautiful!
  10. Very pretty : )
  11. Probably around 3k in the US . . . since our prices are higher than the conversions. :smile:
  12. My SA has this's so pretty!
  13. LV jewelry is really expensive :smile: ! I wanted to get the gold and leather cord bracelet but it turns out it is 3,000 USD. I was sort of suprised when I saw the catalogue and asked my SA, is that USD I am reading. That ring is impressive though.
  14. Gee.... that's just stunning
  15. The ring is gorgeous...I also love the matching earrings. Or at least I think it's matching? The hoop ones with the same pearls/charms on them :smile:
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