1. Hey all, I have a question regarding moneybookers. Have any of you used moneybookers to pay a seller? The seller stated that this is the only form of payment he will take. It seems legit, but it is all so foreign to me.

    Basically you have to upload funds to your account and send that amount to the other person. But my concern is, how would you withdrawl the money you uploaded if you decided to not buy the item??

    Any help or feedback would be appreciated. :flowers:
  2. Are you talking about a service like PayPal or Bidpay? I have never heard the term money brokers as a form of payments for anything I have purchased.
  3. yeah moneybookers is like a service like paypal. I have no clue what it was before either. - and money moves

    It says that they have been in business since 2001. The seller wants me to pay using this service, but I dont feel comfortable uploading my funds into an account and not knowing how to withdrawl it. :shrugs:
  4. I have used Moneybookers to accept a payment from a buyer they are legitimate. I am sure that you could withdraw your money from them just as I did.
  5. ^^ Do you know about the 'escrow' service that they provide? The seller told me that this way I can inspect the bag before moneybookers releases the funds to her. Im scared she might send me a fake bag. :sad:
  6. The only service outside of money orders, eBay uses is PayPal. I've never heard of this.
  7. Yes, moneybookers is legit. I buy/sell on another forum, and some members there have used this service.
  8. I have heard of it but never used it. I was always a little concerned, but now I am glad to hear some of the ladies here have used it.:smile:
  9. there was a statement from eBay once, not too terribly long ago, saying that they didn't recommend using western union, money orders or escrow accounts. it was too often a scam.

    just my two cents.

    good luck!

    and i just stick with paypal for myself when it comes to being a seller. when it comes to buying, i will pay with bidpal if the seller requests it. I have had no probs with them.
  10. hi is this like using an escrow service? i have not used eBay yet and am trying to do some research first before i spend the $ on a bag i want made by hermes. it is a really big deal for me so i want to be sure to do it right. i am nervous to load my money into an account too. payal is safe, right?
  11. I read somewhere that moneybookers is one of the *accepted* payment methods that eBay allows. I think it was on ebay itself when they were saying they do not allow sellers to accept google checkout... one of the payment methods they do allow, besides they're beloved paypal (sucks) is moneybookers.

    If I find it, I will post it here.
  12. Im still sooo undecided. Thanks for all the replies ladies.