1. Hi! Has anyone made a purchase from using moneybookers? He has recently stopped taking Paypal and I have to make my last layaway payment by some other means. (I did a search and only came up with 1 thread on moneybookers that didn't have much info) Is it safe? TIA
  2. Hi Everyone,

    Moneybookers is better than Paypal.
    It might be difficult to use the function inside.

    But No Chargeback, Instant Payment, Low cost.

    Not like Paypal - Charges is 3.4% + 30cents of the total and give "Super Low Exchange rate".

    As for international seller, you don't have to be afraid of fraud buyer.

    For more information of click this :

    Buyer and Seller, kindly registered it earlier to get your account verified, because it takes time.

    Appreciate you can write what you have facing when using this, so that we can share and help each other.