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  1. Hey guys... i was looking through the bag showcase forum, and everyone has so many beautiful designer bags. If you dont mind me asking, how are you guys able to afford all of those?? I mean, i highly doubt your all only 14, but i was still suprised at how big some of yalls collections are! I only have a vintage louis vuitton speedy, one prada, some coach's, a few kate spades, and a vintage chanel....

    do you guys just save up and keep buying them or do you all have really high paying jobs?

    *i hope this doesnt offend just trying to figure this out*
  2. you may want to do a search . . . as you can imagine, this is a topic that's been discussed many times!
  3. I save up and buy bags, You have a fabulase sounding collection.
  4. FYI:

    There are more then 8.2 Million Housesolds in the United States where the income is $1,000,000.00 a year or more. This accounts for 7% of the population. Being a millionaire isnt really that rare anymore.
  5. I understand that....but stilll, Idk how many people ON here are part of that 7%...the average american woman defintly doesnt have 10+ designer handbags.....
  6. no and I doubt that the majority of our members have 10+ designer bags either, I know I don't!
    I'm not talking about the ones that have 1k posts, I'm talking about the total population of tPF.
    Also, there's been studies that show the majority of designer handbag purchases are form young women not making more than $40k/year.
    Again, this has sort of been 'beat to death' here, but if you peruse some of the threads about this same thing you'll probably find that individuals are just that, and they each have they're own priorities on which they like to spend their cash.
  7. No but the average american probably wouldnt be drawn to this forum and post their bags. Its like being on a forum called BENTLEY Talk. Obviously everyone who would be on that forum had the ability to buy a Bentley.
  8. ok i understand - im really sorry for posting a topic thats been written a im a stupid newbie
  9. your not stupid. Hey and Welcome...enjoy the boards!!
  10. nope, not stupid! There's a LOT of topics that get posted a lot. . . this just happens to be one of them!
  11. haha ok well thanks guys! I feel better now....
  12. No harm done ahs483,like Swanky said this question has been asked quite a few times.
    I doubt you'll find many millionaires on this forum. The ones I know don't set around all day in forums chatting and posting pictures of every designer bag in their closet ;) .

    BTW-Welcome to the forum :smile: .
  13. Not a stupid question at all. I'm fairly new and am wondering the same thing! We do quite well, in fact on paper we look incredibly rich, and I only have a few nice bags. Well, the shoes are another story...
  14. You have an amazing collection for a 14 year old imo, I don't mean that to sound condescending.

    I got my first kate spade as my 20th bday present.
    I got my first coach at 21.
    I just bought my first Louis Vuitton at 24 after working like a dog all year.
  15. You're on a purse forum so chances are the ladies here LOVE purses and have LOTS of them or have a few that they LOVE a lot and cherish.

    I work for mine. I haven't purchased any in the past month. That's a record since I've started last October.