Money wallet serial number - something fluky

  1. Hello ladies,
    Wonder if any of you have the same situation as mine. I bought a money wallet from Neiman SF and never bother looking at the serial number inside the folds. Today I decided to check it out and found out something very strange. To my surprise, I found, the serial number on the flap close to the zippered compartment says " MADE IN ITALY 1613471 1408" It has one extra 1 in between 16 and 3471. Does this happen to anyone here? Could it be an error in imprinting on the leather? Everything about the wallet checks out fine from the leather texture to rings...etc.. I have used the wallet for several months now. What would you do? the paper tag says 163471. I own several wallets, because I like this style. They all have the the word "MADE IN ITALY" in capital letters and appear before the number and the serial number are all 163471, except this one. I don't think that I can return it since I have used it. Just curious if any one has the same situation. It is color black. What would you do? :confused1:
  2. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it if you are certain it's real. You bought it from an authorized Balenciaga retailer and it matches your other Money wallets.

    There's also a case of a floating "M" I believe that hasn't been deciphered.