money wallet in marine or anthracite?

  1. I'm planning to buy a money wallet but can't decide which color to get, I love them both. which should I get and why?
  2. hm...tough choices. love both color but i would go for anthracite because it is almost like getting 3 colors in one.
  3. I vote for anthracite! such a great color!
  4. Anthracite!
  5. I would buy anthracite as well!
  6. Anthracite! I love bbags with varying tones.
  7. Another vote for anthracite because really goes well with so many other colors. The wallet will change depending on the lighting and surrounding objects.
  8. anthracite for all the reasons above!
  9. my vote goes to anthracite
  10. I have the money in anthracite- love it!!!!! Such a cool color and oh so unique!!!!!
  11. Ohhh... I think I'm the only one that will pick Marine. I just got a Marine City and I love it! But Anthracite on the other hand is a great color too!