Money orders from Canada?

  1. I am selling something on Ebay, and received a question asking if I would accept a money order from Canada. I am thinking that this would put the seller in more jeopardy than me. I would deposit the money order, and would be able to tell if it was fake straight away from my bank, wouldn't I? I know that right now the American dollar is weaker in relation to the Canadian, so the buyer would be getting a better deal than say, a year ago. How does the conversion factor work with money orders? Does anyone know any other drawbacks to this, from my sellers perspective?

    What about shipping to Canada? I know it is more expensive, but are there cons from the selller perspective in shipping to Canada?
  2. I know the US post office had international M o' should Canada? Ask her if its an International one..then you can take it to the PO and cash it there
  3. She should get an international money order in US funds and you should have no problems cashing it. A money order is just like cash.