Money Order?

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  1. I'm selling a pair of designer jeans and I just received an email from a potential bidder asking if I would accept a money order for $120 for the jeans. I would love to sell them for $120. Is this safe to do? I have never received a money order before. I have always used paypal. I did check this buyers feedback and it looks good. Would I just wait until I receive the money order and cash it, before I ship the jeans. Or is this against ebay policy?
  2. If you're in the US, have them send you a United States postal service money order. And once it's cashed, send the jeans. I've done this before with no problems. Using ebay, I just marked the item as being paid and ebay tacked on their fees.
  3. It's not against ebay policy to accept money orders but it is a violation to include other methods of payment besides Paypal in your listings. I do exactly as gia - request a postal money order and it's worked 100% of the time for me too.
  4. Just a quick FYI:

    It isn't a violation of eBay policy to include payment methods other than PP in the listings. Sellers can say they accept payments via PP, ProPay, Moneybookers, Paymet and credit cards through their Internet merchant accounts.

    What's against the rules is for sellers to ask buyers to pay via cash, checks, wire transfers, money orders, bank-to-bank transfers, and any other way that's not in the list of acceptable payment methods. In a number of categories (motor vehicles, agriculture, manufacture, construction, printing, restaurant, real estate, adults only) sellers can accept checks, MOs, bank-to-bank transfers, and online payment services.
  5. Really? The rules change so often that I was under the impression that we couldn't include other payment methods inside our listings. I'll be making that change immediately for all new listings. Thanks!
  6. Pugs, you're in the UK aren't you ? You should be ok if you ask for the MO to be drawn on a UK bank....if I remember correctly...think that's what I was told when I took one several years ago.
  7. Yeah...they change rules frequently. BTW, these are rules in eBay U.S. I assume you're here based on your location.
  8. back in the day - not long ago really it was like all money orders.
  9. Oooooohhhhh I LOVE Postal Money Orders!!!!! Less fees and less hassle.
  10. I believe that there are counterfeit moneyorders out there, so make sure that you cash it before sending the item.