money order/personal check only sellers

  1. so, if a seller only accepts money orders and personal checks, would you trust them? they have 100% Fb and over 400 transactions but alot are private. i am considering a wallet and don't know if i should go for it or not.
  2. Nope. I never would.
  3. Sometimes transactions are private because the seller doesn't want their bidders to be contacted by other sellers to offer them different merchandise. If you're comfortable with their FB, you are probably OK. If you do send a MO, make sure you send it with tracking and signature required so you have proof of delivery.
  4. I would go for it. Just send the MO like lorimatthews said. Some sellers also despise PayPal and their fees so much that they refuse to use them.(I don't blame them) Plus, on the flip side, the seller is actually taking a greater risk accepting only MO and personal checks because MO can be faked and checks can be faked and bounce(or be stolen and used by someone other than the account holder)... As far as the private listings go, there are lots of reasons why a seller might make their listings private. Lorimatthews pointed out one of them, so I would go for it if you really want the item and the seller has good feedback.
  5. I would stay away. There is no buyer protection with a MO.
  6. With feedback that high at 100% I think you should be ok. Do they have a return policy?

    Obviously w/ a MO or check they wouldn't have to refund you if they didn't want to, but that would've been reflected in their feedback by now if they did that sort of thing.

    MOST sellers and buyers are honest.
  7. I personally would not.
  8. NO way. You have no recourse.
  9. I skip those sellers only accept MOs and personal checks.
  10. If their feedback is good, yes I would. I used to deal solely with personal checks and MO's when buying AND selling and never had a problem. So as long as she seems trustworthy, I would send a check (not an MO, to be safe).
  11. When eBay first started it was ALL money orders and checks...
  12. ok, i got the item at a great deal, i am pretty sure it is authentic so i am sending a personal check.i can understand about paypals crazy fees. i shall see how it goes.
  13. If she has 400 feedback at 100% I'm sure you'll be fine.
  14. I have over 1600 feedbacks and I only accept checks or MO and its been that way for quite a while. As a seller who is tired of paypals fees and the fear of having your account frozen until they get receipts for bags has taken its toll on me and many sellers. To say not to trust us is unfair.:tdown:
  15. I agree and I have no problem w/ sellers that accept only MO and checks. I buy from them all the time.

    As long as they are reputable it is silly to think they are a scammer just because they don't take Paypal or their auctions are private!

    A lot of sellers have also switched to private auctions because of the new feedback system. They don't want everybody seeing what their customers paid for this widget or that.