Money Order Issues.

  1. I sold a pair of Gucci sunglasses on eBay on October 18 to some girl with 7 feedback. I sent her an invoice stating that PayPal payment is expected within three days. I specifically state in my auction: PayPal Only, and she writes to ask if she can pay with a MO. I look at her address on the purchase information and she lives just about four hours from me. I agree to let her send a MO figuring it can't take more than two days to send it up to me. So, I wait and wait for this thing to arrive, and three days later (after I wrote her to say she could pay with a MO) she writes me AGAIN asking if she can pay with a MO and that "it's not because I don't pay, it's because I don't use credit cards".

    So, I write her back AGAIN saying "yes, you can pay with a MO, I sent a reply to you a few days ago". So, I wait again thinking it will show up in a day or two... nope. It has now been 8 days since auction end and I haven't heard any sort of thing from this girl. I sent her an email yesterday, through eBay asking if she sent it... no reply, surprise.

    It kind of seems stupid to me since she wrote right away asking if she could pay for it that way, and now that I ask her when she sent it, she ignores me? This was 24 hours ago.

    What should I do?
  2. You could get her info from eBay and call her.
  3. This has happened to me several times before. Since it has been 8 days, I'd open the NPB alert and send the reminder invoice.

    Last time something like that happened to me, a guy asks if I'll ship to Mexico and what the cost would be. I said sure and to let me know if he wanted to bid so I could change the auction. So the thing ends, he doesn't pay...I file an NPB alert on him and in broken English, responds that his CC was rejected by paypal, sorry.
    Um ok. So I obviously never got paid and he went out of his way to ask if I'd ship to him.
  4. Similar situation happened to me too. I filed a NPB and the money order magically appeared three days later:rolleyes:
  5. Yep, file NPB and see what happens.
  6. Thanks, everyone... I'll file it right now.