Money maker or money taker? $800 Ebay Bill! No thank you Ebay!

  1. So I've been "dabbling" in eBay for a bit after opening up my own account on eBay, and have sold about 30 or so items. For the most part I was happy with the whole process, even though I was thoroughly irked every time I completed a listing and noticed the insertion fees, the gallery fees, and whatever else kind of fees there were. Of particular matter to me, was the final value fees which could range anywhere from "ouch" to "outrageous", and the fees you would accumulate even if your item did not sell.

    Anyhoo, I had thought that over the course of a month or so, I had managed to get my money back on bags that no longer suited me, and also had made a few bucks on the side, until I received my monthly sellers invoice. $800! 800 dollars, ladies! Any monies I had thought that I had made was going to be funneled directly back to eBay and (Meg Whitman's) pockets! I was seriously outraged, and this was not even including Paypal fees! I checked over my fees invoice, and has remembered that not long ago, there was a seller's special from Ebay for free insertion fees and what not. Was it there? Was I credited for these fees? NO! I didnt see them anywhere! Did I get credited for the 4 listings that Ebay pulled where I had listed them as "Like New"? NO! I was charged for them!

    I called Ebay and spoke to a pompous pr*ck who for some reason had no inkling of an idea what I was referring to in regard to free insertion fees. He mentioned that Ebay automatically credits fees that are due to sellers, and that if I was owed monies, I would have been credited. Basically, the phone call was a waste of my time. Miffed, I commented to him that I just might take my business elsewhere, and he snarkily said Ebay is the only viable auction site...blah..blah.

    Im over it. I really am. I don't care about pocket change so much that I am going to force myself to be held in the grips of the monster monopoly other wise known as Ebay. I shut down my buying and selling accounts, furious beyond belief and went to bed. Having woke up from a fitful sleep, I wonder: How does anyone make money off of Ebay? Isnt that what it is supposed to be all about? Individual sellers representing themselves and earning an income through online auctions? Its not that way though, and it cant be, with all the fees that are included. There are so many fees! Insertion fees, listing fees, picture and gallery fees, subtitle fees, final value fees, and PAYPAL FEES!:cursing: I am angry, I really am. Back when I didn't know better, I had viewed Ebay as a way in which the middle class and blue collar person could better their lot in the world by making an extra buck or two, but now I'm pretty sure I was wrong.

    So what do you think? Do you disagree or agree with me? Are you making money on the Monster Monopoly known as Ebay or are you just barely breaking even?

    Thank you for reading, and any of your thoughts are appreciated!:heart:
  2. That is why you use a fee calculator. I pay my seller account every few days as I go along.

    That is why some sellers can't make money. People who do not add in their fees undercut us on prices at rates we can't sell an item at.

    Every new handbag I sell has about $40 in ebay and paypal fees. So if I go to the outlet and buy a bag for let's say $424, I add the fees and what I want to make on top of that total. (about $36 plus profit etc put's it starting at $495). Some sellers forget about the fees and start their listings at $425...
  3. Wow! $40 bucks in fees per bag! Yeah, I totally can't be down with that. Most times, I would barely make my own money back on a bag, much less taking into consideration $40 bucks in Ebay fees. Honestly, I think its outrageous!

    Kudos to you for being able to do it successfully. :yes:
  4. Ebay doesn't return listing fees if they pull your auction. Anyway, I'm sorry about your $800 ebay bill! That would definitely put me off.

    What really bugs me is that they don't return listing fees if your item sells but you have a NPB who never responds to the dispute. You get your FVF back, but hello- I need the rest back too! I relist my item (which is eligible for an insertion credit if it sells again), but sometimes it doesn't sell again! Then I have to pay to list it AGAIN! How ridiculous. Sadly, ebay's the only option :tdown:
  5. That is a crazy bill. I would hope you've made a good amount of money? I recently sold three bags, all moderate (Coach, Hayden Harnett) and made about $400 or so, but ebay fees were like $15.00. I would not say I "made" money, but I got what I had in the bags back and that was my goal. That is one heck of a bill though!

    The sad thing is that consignment stores sometimes take as much as 60% for bags. Craigslist is free, but I don't think I'd do that.
  6. I would've been mad at eBay too for that $800 bill. I definitely understand your anger.

    GUNG, have you tried ? It provides you with free image hosting and template thus allows you to post all the images you want. Also try you can earn referral fees as wells as you seller's fees too.
  7. Thanks so much for posting that calculator. That will make it a lot quicker to figure out fees in the future.

    Gung, I wondered where you'd gone. I loved to look at what you were selling. You had the most fabulous things. I'm sorry that happened to you. Ebay is very expensive, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a viable alternative out there that reaches the same number of people. I've only sold a few things (much more of a browser) but I built the fees into my starting price so I wouldn't lose $. Were yours so high because of the "store" you had?
  8. Thanks again! Those are great. Really takes the guesswork out of the listing.
  9. It is cheaper than having to pay overhead for a store. Wow, $800! maybe you could have had a store for that much!
  10. Tell me about it! Its almost like paying full rent! LOL Its crazy!
  11. I think I listed my item on that "Free Insertion" day, I wonder if I'll be charged? My item didn't even sell!
  12. Wow, I just read the ebay fees thoroughly and it IS a lot! UGH.
  13. OMG, that is high! I am so cheap when it comes to my listings...I never go overboard with the pictures, and I certainly do not pay for a template (I have used Auctiva when I want that feature). Gosh, I can see why you are mad...I would be beside myself! I have always checked right then to make sure that I was not charged for certain features that should be free due to a special, and I have always noticed that it was immediate, but if you feel that you were wrongly charged then I would most definitely persue it!