Money from mini monogram wallet return..

  1. So,
    the money from the mini monogram wallet that LV returned to me is now spend on a white MC wallet. Porte-Monnaie Billets well i still have to add 187 CAD. I was going to get teh black becuase i thought i wouldn't be as dirty. but white is so much prettier so i end up getting teh white. I'm so scared it would get dirty :sad: but anyway, inside its natural leather, now i'm scared that its gonna turn very dark :sad: which i wont' appreciate. Please tell me that i've made the right decision to get this wallet :smile:. oh and teh SA told me that the logo will eventually rub off when u open the wallet too much (like at the end (teh rounded part where u open the wallet) --> haha my description is so bad. well anyone who have a white mc wallet please assure me that it won't have much problems :smile:
    well anyway, today saw the mini lin line! i was going t oget the mini lin wallet. but i dun want a fabric one. but i tried on teh boulogne bag. its soo gorgeous! its 1050 CAD. but i can't get it now. cuz i gotta get my groom agenda first :smile: and inclusion bracelet hehe